These 5 people inspire hope in a time of darkness for Lebanon

On August 4th at 6:07pm, a nation’s world was turned upside down as the world’s third largest explosion took place in Beirut, Lebanon, leaving over 157 people dead, 5,000 injured and 300,000 homeless. While the media is overflowing with heartbreaking videos and photographs of the traumatic event’s aftermath, Sip of Culture wants to shed light on 5 heartwarming moments and people.

#1: A man in a wheelchair and face-mask cleans the streets of Beirut in the Mar Mikhael neighbourhood. The strength, hope and patriotism which this man holds are captured perfectly by Layane Khawli.

#2: 79-year-old woman is filmed playing Auld Lang Syne on the piano amidst the rubbles of her apartment in Beirut.

#3: Nurse Pamela Zeinoun rescues three newborn babies following the explosion; she has since become a symbol of hope and resilience in Lebanon.

Photographed by Bilal Jawich

#4: Myriam Boulos’ photograph of Ahmad reminds us of the importance of faith as her photograph frames the man praying amidst the rubble.

#5: Abdel Salam’s humanity, kindness and love is filmed as video shows him pouring water for a pigeon injured by the blast.

In addition to these five, there are thousands of Lebanese people who have taken it upon themselves to clean the streets and the rubble left behind after the explosion.

How you can help and where you can donate:

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