Our mission

Sip of Culture was founded in 2020 with the aim of promoting the importance of culture, traditions and art. The 21st century has birthed a chaotic, fast-paced way of life which has forced us to forget the significance of our roots. Our goal at Sip of Culture is to help remind people of the vital role which culture plays in not only forming our individual identities but in also connecting us with the people around us.

However, our mission does not stop here as we believe that during this age of globalisation, being aware of your own roots is not enough. It is time to raise awareness of the diverse nature and beauty of culture. Here, we aim to constantly research and study global cultures in order to provide you with accurate and reliable information regarding worldwide traditions, cultures and arts. In doing so, we hope to ensure the appreciation of the beauty which exists in all parts of the world in order to create a society which welcomes, understands and loves one another.

I often felt out of place as I was born in Bulgaria, raised in the United Arab Emirates and attended university in the United Kingdom. For a long time, it felt as though I was a stranger in all three places — even though I had a profound love for all and felt truly at home in each of them. The idea for Sip of Culture developed gradually and over time as I grew to appreciate the importance of being true to your roots. In my case, that meant understanding that in our day and age, it is possible to feel a deep connection with more than just one culture even if it is not ‘your own’ or that of ‘your homeland’.

Svilena KEANE
Founder of Sip of Culture