A London-based event that left me with a heart full of love

Last Friday, I visited an event held by Sync London: a community of artists that organises events showcasing the work of poets, musicians and stand-up comedians from around the world. Taking place in Metre Squared, a beautiful event space in London’s West Kensington, Sync London brought together around 30-40 people, each one more different than the other.

Upon walking in, I headed straight for the bar and ordered a drink. While waiting for my G&T, I looked around the colourful room. There was a well-lit stage in the far corner, leather couches facing it, fairy lights dropping down from the ceiling, book-filled shelves, and breath-taking artwork on the walls. Making conversation with one of the event’s organisers, I pointed to a beautiful painting and he pointed to the man making my drink behind the bar, saying that he was the artist behind the artwork. This was the first surprise of the evening – and the surprises never stopped.

After getting my drink, I walked closer to the stage and picked a front-row seat close to a heater. Personally, I think I had chosen the best seat in the venue. With a drink in my hand, I waited for the show to start, not knowing what to expect. I found myself looking around, wondering how I ended up in a part of London I had never visited before with people I had never met.

This train of thought was suddenly interrupted by a mic check that drew my attention to the stage. The event’s host welcomed the attendees and performers, saying that it is because of countless, inexplicable synchronicities that we all find ourselves at the Sync London event this Friday night. And just like that, my unasked question was answered, and I learned how Sync London got its name.

From then until the end of the night, I was in constant awe. The evening began with a brilliant sketch by a stand-up comedian, that was followed by several astonishing poets. After that, the tempo picked up as multiple talented musicians took the stage. There were artists playing instruments I had never seen or heard before, and musicians who were even playing multiple instruments at once using loop pedals.

By the end of the night, I had seen poets, pianists, guitarists, singers, and rappers. More specifically, I had listened to French songs, Pakistani instruments, Afrobeats, Persian chanting, and so much more…

What I loved most was the overall energy that everyone in the venue emitted. Each and every single person attending the event seemed to have a hidden talent – even those who came straight from their office jobs and sat in silence all evening. This air of love and support encouraged even the shiest and quietest of people to stand up on stage at the end of the night and perform something spontaneously.

Everyone was invited to take the mic, with the event host asking the crowd whether there was anyone with stage fright or a fear of public speaking. Surprising myself, I stood up and took the mic, revealing that I had brought 3 copies of my poetry book Ups and Downs, and that I would give them away to the 3 people who raised their hands first. (As someone who sits comfortably behind a screen or over a notebook, standing on a stage and speaking to such a large group of people absolutely floored me.)

Leaving this event, I felt lighter. I had seen and heard the work of talented people, a lot of who will undoubtedly find fame one day.

More importantly, I left the event with a heart full of love and the belief that those around us are inherently good. In today’s world, this is a thought that is otherwise difficult to plant.

Follow @SyncLondon to view videos from this event and to stay informed of future events.

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