Poem: International Friendships

Where did the time go?
When did we all grow?

We are different in every way,
You the night and I the day.

We do not share a birthplace.
We do not share a race.
Some of us believe in God.
Some of us have lost all faith.

But here we stand,
Side-by-side, together and united,
Even when ocean and land,
Keep us miles apart —
d i v i d e d.

Indefinitely apart,
And yet, forever in my heart.

We grew up together,
Then travelled alone.
The only way to reach each other now,
Is only occasionally and over the phone.

If only I was thinking of one,
One, or two, or even three –
But I stand alone,
And I’m thinking of twenty.

Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan, USA,
Azerbaijan, Egypt, Bahrain, China,
Canada, India, UAE and the UK.

Scattered all over the world,
We’re apart indefinitely.
I love you with all my heart,
Always and faithfully.

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